A “Flight” above


            A short drive out of Portland up the I-295 to the Brunswick airfield will bring a thirsty beer seeker into the company of one of the best new breweries in the state. Flight Deck Brewing in Brunswick opened earlier this year in an old small arms range building on the Brunswick airport where they have been doing an excellent job of serving fantastic beers in a fun setting.

            I went to Flight Deck for the first time in April and really enjoyed the beer and the fun way they redesigned a military building into a tasting room. Unfortunately after my April visit I was not able to return until I went back two weeks ago, and while the decorations had not changed, the beer had gotten even better and I was able to sit in their outside seating in the sun watching the Navy’s Blue Angels practice for the Brunswick airshow that was taking place that weekend.

After taking a look at what beers they had on tap I decided to do a flight of beers that would help make sure I didn’t have to make a tough decision on what beers not to try. The flight I ordered consisted of their Wright Stuff Rye Pale Ale (4.5% abv.), Tea-56 Hibiscus Tea Beer (4.5% abv.), P3 Pale Ale (4.5% abv.), and the Mayday Session IPA (4.0% abv.) I had tried the Hibiscus and P3 Ale previously but I was impressed with the way their flavors had grown since the last time I sipped them.

            My favorite brew, however, was without a doubt the Wright Stuff Rye Pale Ale. This beer, while being a lighter option, had a full flavor punch and a delightfully full body that was at once light and refreshing, while providing some complex hoppy flavors. The Mayday Session was a good session that provided a refreshing flavor and decent hop aromas that you would expect from a session IPA. The Hibiscus Tea is a great option for the non-beer drinker or someone who generally likes lighter beers, or less hoppy style beers. What Hibiscus does best is provide an outstanding flavor profile while not overdoing it on the sweet notes that can easily overpower a beer-tea hybrid. I would also rate the P3 Pale as worth a try as well.

            After finishing my flight and chatting with the tasting room staff I decided to buy a bottle of their Blueberry Angels limited release brew to try at home. As you might guess from the name, Blueberry Angels is an ale brewed with Maine wild blueberries and blew me away when I later tried it. Just as Flight Deck succeeded at brewing a beer-tea hybrid, so did they with a blueberry beer. Oftentimes I do not really enjoy blueberry beers because they are overpoweringly fruity, sweet, or a combination of both at the expense of the beer, but Blueberry Angels was a perfect mix of blueberry, and ale. Their secret success can perhaps be attributed to using local Maine wild blueberries? Either way I would highly recommend giving Blueberry Angels a try if you ever find the limited release beer!

            As is usual with the craft breweries in Maine, I think each beer is unique in its own way and worthy of trying with an open mind, and the beers I tried at Flight Deck were no exception. The fun atmosphere of the tasting room, and the fact that they are powered by 100% renewable energy (https://www.flightdeckbrewing.com/100-renewable/) makes them a top brew destination to try. Cheers!


Ben Wyman

About Ben Wyman

I am a Maine craft beer enthusiast and I love exploring new breweries and brews.  I am a former employee at Maine Beer Company in Freeport, ME.  My passion for craft beer began as soon as I could explore the various tasting rooms that had been cropping up across the state and only grew from there.  Today, I still enjoy trying every new brew I can get my hands on and have even begun to try my hand at home brewing with my friends.