A “bombogenesis,” or “bomb cyclone” is bearing down on us here in Maine as I write this blog. Downeast Maine is predicted to get 12-18 inches of the fluffy white stuff, while where I live in southern Maine is predicted to get 10-14. Half of the state has already cancelled school or work in advance of the storm and the entire state can expect fast falling snow, high winds, cold, and power outages; yet I am not concerned.

While so many people were charging headlong into overcrowded grocery stores to buy food they don’t really need (the storm is only supposed to last one day, people!) and that can go bad if the power goes out, I made a much smarter post-work shopping choice. I swung into the Bier Cellar on Forest Avenue in Portland to grab a 4-pack of the choicest Maine beer to get me through the harrowing weather. If the power cuts out in my apartment I can simply stick it in the snow where it will stay cold and fresh for me—can you say the same about your veggies and fruits?

Tonight when I stopped at the Bier Cellar I had no idea what I wanted, all I knew was I wanted fresh Maine beer to go with this Maine storm. I was recently given some Sam Adams beer and while I will never say no to one, they are not nearly the same quality as the suds we have brewing right in our backyard.

Per usual I spent the first couple of minutes pacing around the store seeing if any beer caught my eye (seriously, the Bier Cellar has so many options of local beer, hard to find domestic and international brews. If you haven’t had a chance to check this place out yet you need to put it at the top of your priorities). After picking up Mast Landing’s Saccarappa IPA, I walked past the cooler one more time and saw this weird blue labeled four-pack with some letters but no image.

I can’t say for sure why it caught my eye but I’m glad it did because it turned out to be a 4-pack of Prime citra IPA from one of Portland’s newest breweries, Goodfire Brewery, that I have desperately wanted to try but hadn’t had the chance to yet.

Goodfire Brewing Co., Prime, Portland, ME

One of the guys who worked at the Bier Cellar was stocking a shelf near where I was checking out this beer so I asked if he had had the chance to try it yet and how it stood up against some of my staple favorites like Mast Landing. He said it was a delicious IPA that edged out Saccarappa in his mind (a high compliment to pay a beer) and was definitely worth the gamble of buying without having tasted it before.

For everyone reading at home, this is one of the beautiful things about going to local businesses to buy beer, both local breweries and beer shops. Besides helping out the local economy (which you should always strive to do!) you get to talk to knowledgeable people who have a passion for quality beer just like the rest of us.

Having finally made up my mind to give Goodfire’s Prime a chance I headed back home to Windham confident that whatever winter wants to hurl at us tomorrow, I will at least have some tasty beer waiting for me to open at the end of the work day. Fresh beer just has a way to make even the worst weather seem beautiful.

Goodfire Brewing Co., Prime, Portland, ME

Stay safe, warm, and drink good beer!

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